• Money Saving Tips

    This blog is all about luxury and self care. Spending money comes along with the territory. I love money. I love spending money on travel, experiences, food, jewelry & crystals (wink wink).  I want to love saving money but that's been a little of a harder journey. However, I've found some w... View Post
  • Good For the Soul - Social Media Detox

    In a world where social media dominates our lives, it can be hard to take a break from it. But I decided to try just that: for the entire month of July, I went on a (semi) complete social media detox. I deleted all social media off of my phone only allowing myself a small window of social media... View Post
  • Treat Yourself: Luxury Staycation Edition

    Treat Yourself: Luxury Staycation Edition Luxury staycations are the perfect way to treat yourself after a stressful week at work, or for any occasion. They're also an excellent way to spend some quality time alone or with your loved ones.  A luxury staycation is a vacation that takes place ... View Post