How To Cleanse Your Crystals

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Crystal Cleansing

When you're working on a project and you need to create a new file in your computer, what do you do? Do you just save it as a "new file"? Of course not! You give it a name that reflects the contents of the file. The same principle holds true for crystals—they need names so we know what they're used for. In this article, we'll discuss the many ways that crystals can help us heal ourselves and others, with an emphasis on cleansing them before using them for healing purposes.


What is crystal cleansing?

Cleansing is the process of removing negative energy from your crystals. If you have purchased a crystal from a store or online, it may already be cleansed by the manufacturer. However, many people choose to do their own cleansing for various reasons, including personal preference and because it's more affordable than having someone else do it for them.

There are three ways to cleanse your crystals: by yourself (self-cleansing), with another person (client cleansing) or with an object such as water or salt (external cleansing).

The most common crystals you'll work with

While you can use crystals in the form of jewelry, it's often best to buy a crystal that's already been cleansed and charged. That way, you don't have any spiritual interference from previous owners. The most commonly used crystals for cleansing are:


Clear Quartz

Rose Quartz

Citrine (a yellow variety of quartz)

Green Aventurine (the stone is green but its energy is related to optimism)

Smoky Quartz (an opaque variety of quartz that helps with balance) *

Rhodochrosite (a rose-colored mineral with the energy of unconditional love) *

Lapis Lazuli (also known as lazar stone or blue azure)

Why Should You Cleanse Your Crystal?

While crystals can be used for many different purposes, cleansing is not one of them. Crystals are very sensitive, and they cannot be cleansed in the same way as other objects.

When you cleanse a crystal, you are removing its energy and replacing it with your own. This means that the energy of your home or workplace could become contaminated if you have been cleansing crystals without first cleansing yourself.

How To Cleanse Your Crystals

Quartz: In the morning, hold the quartz crystal in your left hand and make a clockwise circle with it, then place it on top of your crown chakra (the top of your head). Take deep breaths as you visualize energy flowing into your body through this chakra point.

Amethyst: While holding the amethyst in one hand, use a dry cloth to gently wipe down its surface. If you have any other stones around in need of cleansing, do so now as well—or save this step until after the other steps are complete. Hold each stone over an open flame (such as from a candle or incense) while chanting something along the lines of "I purify my crystals." As you do so, visualize white light coming from above and filling up all negative energies that might be inside each stone's core. When finished cleaning all stones together, place them back into their pouch/bag/box and tie them up securely again before putting them back where they belong!


Sunlight is a great way to cleanse your crystals. The sun's energy is powerful and can help your crystals. How long you leave them out depends on how much energy they need, so adjust the length of time accordingly. You can even do it while they're in a window, but make sure that they are protected from direct sunlight since it could damage the crystal if it gets too hot or burns them (even temporarily).


The most important element in cleansing crystals is moonlight. Moonlight is the most powerful of all the elements, and it's also gentle and soothing. If you don't have a lot of time or want to be gentle with your crystal, using moonlight is an excellent option.

Moonlight will also work well when cleansing crystals since there is so much energy coming from above during a full moon cycle which gets absorbed by everything around us!

If you're going to use moonlight, make sure that you either live near a window or bring your crystal outside on a clear night (depending on where you live).


Water: If you have a bowl of water, you can use that to cleanse your crystals. Hold the crystal over the water and say “I cleanse myself of all impurity with the power of this crystal” as you drop it into the bowl. Pick up your crystal and repeat these words again three times, then put it back in its place on your altar or wherever you keep them.

Salt Water: You can also use salt for cleansing crystals. This method is similar but instead of using pure water, use a mix of half sea salt (or kosher) and half regular table salt. Again hold your crystal over whatever vessel you are going to place it in and say “I cleanse myself of all impurity with the power of this crystal” as you drop it into the container containing both types of salts.

Pick up your stone once more, saying these same words three times before returning it to its designated spot.

The cleansing properties of salt water are well known, and salt lamps have been used in many cultures for their purifying properties. However, the method you choose to cleanse your crystals depends on where you live. If you live near a beach or in an area with access to the ocean, consider taking your crystals there for cleansing.

If not, there are still plenty of ways to cleanse your crystals at home. Salt water is one option; another is placing them on a quartz point or another crystal that has been cleansed with salt water for 24 hours before storing them back together again. You can also use incense sticks or sage smudge smoke as an alternative method that cleanses your mind as well as your crystals.


When you are feeling off balance, it can be helpful to connect with Earth. The element of Earth is associated with grounding and stability, which can help you feel calm and peaceful.

Earth is associated with the physical body and with the sense of touch. It is also associated with the color green and the planet Venus.

Earth energies are very much in tune with nature, so if you want to cleanse yourself of negative energy or stress, take some time outside in nature (or at least look out through a window). You can also use essential oils that are known for their grounding properties: Vetivert or Patchouli work well for this purpose.

Crystals are a great ally to have in your healing practice. They can help ground you during a stressful time, reduce anxiety and stress levels when used as part of a meditation practice or even assist with making decisions during difficult times at work.

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