Soul Travel Chronicles Vol. 1 - Oceanside, California USA

Soul Travel Chronicles Vol. 1 - Oceanside, California USA

Soul Travel Chronicles Vol. 1 - Oceanside, California USA

Have you ever wanted to go on a vacation, but couldn't? Or maybe you have been on the fence about traveling and don't know if it's for you. Well, this is the perfect series for travelers and non-travelers alike!

What is Soul Travel Chronicles?

A soul travel chronicle is an account of an individual's experience traveling in their own mind, body, and energy. Depending on what type of traveler you are (recreational or spiritual), there are many benefits that come with this practice including mental clarity/relaxation/healing/meditation/introspection etc...

What Lead To Soul Travel Chronicles?

I recently left my job, a start up that was just acquired, when my friend invited me on vacation with her family to Oceanside, California. Now once again, let me remind you this is not like my usual spur of the moment travel adventures. This wasn't even 2 weeks in advance, it was about 2 days in advance when I decided to join them.

This trip was really one of introspection, I needed to take some time to decide what was the next step I wanted to take in my life. It was the first time in over 10+ years that I didn't have another job immediately lined up.

Although I had some conflicting feelings about the situation at the time, I can now say I manifested exactly how things turned out.

I wanted to ride it out with my previous job until it was either acquired or shut down, with a good severance, and have time to travel and spend working on my business.

And that's exactly how it happened.

 On To Oceanside...

Accommodation: Private Gorgeous Beachfront AirBnB 

There were a total of eight of us going. We decided to drive up in three different cars as a group of 6 adults, 2 kids (ranging from ages 6-10). The drive would take us 5 hours one way. Before leaving the beautiful, dry Arizona desert, we made sure to stop in Yuma at In-N-Out Burger for some good old fashioned grease food that would make the drive a little easier. We also stopped at a gas station to fill up and buy snacks.

Side note: These gas prices are absolutely insane!

Oceanside was absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I needed! We spent the majority of the week at an AirBnB condo that was right across from the water. It felt magical. There is something about being near the water that feels like home.

I went to three different beaches, it was gorgeous! Black's Beach was my favorite, and I loved the way that it had a rocky feel to it. 

The sun, the sand and the surf were all breathtakingly beautiful. It was so peaceful there—even with all of the other people around—and it was such a fun experience that I spent some time meditating in nature and just being present with my mind and body. 

A note of warning: There are about three levels of steep stairs leading down to the beach. My thighs were absolutely burning by the time I got back to the car, but the whole experience was so worth it.

Del Mar beach was busy but the water felt amazing. There were so many people in the water having fun and running around on their boogie boards. If you want a more active experience I'd suggest looking into this one first!


A visit to Oceanside is a must for anyone looking to experience the best of what life has to offer. We had an amazing time! 

Shoutout to the Bestie and her family for the wonderful hospitality and for always inviting me along on their adventures without hesitation. Next time, I'll have to go back with my parents and invite the Bestie along for the adventure!

Until Next Time My Soul-Full Babes,



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