Soul Travel Chronicles Vol. 8.4 (The Finale) - Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Soul Travel Chronicles Vol. 8.4 (The Finale) - Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Day Five: The Canyon Ranch Spa

Hello SoulLuxe Babes,

A luxury experience is worth more than a thousand words.

And that is exactly what you receive from Canyon Ranch Spa when you walk through their doors.

Located on the third floor of the Palazzo hotel, the Canyon Ranch Spa is an absolute must for a luxurious self care experience.

With six different rooms, countless rotations, and endless treatment options, there is something for everyone. 

Here's the tea, when you first arrive you are greeted by the lovely front desk attendants who tell you about the spa and take your payment. At the time of this blog, September 2022, it will cost you $78.75 for a day pass.  

At this point, you enter the locker room which is separated by gender. Everyone is provided with a robe and slippers to enjoy during your stay, along with  a locker to store your valuables. If requested ahead, based on availability, there is a small separate "bridal" room with lockers that is available.

In the separated areas, you can choose to go nude or wear a swimsuit based on your preference.

It is a very comfortable and welcoming environment. If you have any issues or questions, there are attendants throughout the area to assist. 

There are six spaces in the separated areas:

  • The Herbal Laconium
  • The Crystal Steam Room
  • The Experimental Showers
  • The Igloo Room
  • The Finnish Sauna
  • The Jacuzzi Area

My favorite room was the Herbal Laconium, it looks and feels much like a traditional sauna, but instead of benches there are four sitting coves carved into the wall, in the front of the room is a large gray crystal where the water mixed with essential oils drip down onto coals to fill the room with the loveliest scent. A little bird told me the scents were Citrus(Citron) and LemonGrass mixed together.

I left the room so relaxed and a bit sleepy. Even though I used this room towards the beginning of my time in the spa, this is the perfect room to end your spa experience.

Next was the Crystal Steam Room which took its name seriously. The steam is so thick that you can't see into the room when viewing it through the crystal door. When you walk in, you are immediately blasted with the heat of it all. You have to take a few steps blindly until you get your bearings. It's highly recommended (by myself and the spa) that you bring in ice cold wash cloths (provided right outside the room) to wipe down or to cover your face to allow for easier breathing. 

As intense as this room is, you really do feel the benefits. As soon as I walked out the room, I felt hot but also refreshed and lighter. My skin felt detoxed and had a nice little glow from the steam and sweat.

Afterwards, I immediately walked to the experimental showers conveniently located across the room from the Crystal Steam room. The experimental showers come with three settings; Cool Fog, Tropical Rain, and Caribbean Storm. It was nice for washing off, but I personally didn't find the showers to be a special experience.

Next, I ventured into the Igloo. Appropriately named, the Igloo room was absolutely freezing. The room itself was in the shape of a circle, with three buttons for the different intensity settings. If you are looking for a nice jolt to your system, this is the room to go to. After finishing the third setting, I ran for the door and headed straight for the sauna to warm up.

The sauna was nice and spacious with three levels of benches to choose from. There were some nice wooden pillows to lay on for extra relaxation. 

Shoutout to the woman who fell into a DEEP restful sleep! I know she felt great after waking up.

The Jacuzzi area was closed during my visit, I hear that it's very relaxing.

The spa area has strict no phone policies in the spa area for obvious reasons. If you need a little quiet after spending time in these different rooms, head over to the "Quiet Room" near the lockers for a nap. With several comfortable lounging chairs you can nap or listen to some tunes from your phone.

Up until this point, the spa experience has been separated by gender. Outside of the spa area, there is a wellness rest area where everyone can come and relax together and wait for different wellness services. In these sections of the spa, everyone must wear their robes.

I didn't get a chance to experience their wellness services on this trip, but they are definitely on the list for next time.

The Salt Room is off of the corner of the Wellness Rest Area. The entire room, including the benches, are made of Pink Himalayan Salt. It's a comfortable room, but, I imagine if robes were allowed to be off in that room, the way the benches were carved would not feel super comfortable on the skin.

Next is the wave room. The wave room is a circular room with curved lounge chairs along the wall. A basin in the middle filled with water with a light shining into the bowl, causing the water movement to reflect on the wall. This is the only light in the room which creates a pretty serene experience. This room is especially nice for relaxing and taking a quick nap.

For dinner we gave the Grand Lux another try and it was a much better experience. The highlight, per usual, was the Butter Cake dessert. Yum!

Our final day in Vegas was super relaxed. To be honest, I slept most of the day. We had a late 4pm checkout and I wanted to make the most of my time.

No regrets!

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