Soul Travel Chronicles Vol. 8.1 - Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Soul Travel Chronicles Vol. 8.1 - Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Hello SoulLux Babes,

I recently took a long awaited fantastic vacation to Vegas with a couple of close friends to celebrate our birthdays. Virgo Queens unite!  

We stayed at the Palazzo, a gorgeous hotel that is part of the Venetian family. I'll get into the details of our stay at the Palazzo in a bit.

We did so much that this experience is going to be broken down into several blogs for your enjoyment.

Day One:

We flew into Vegas at 4pm. It was an easy 45 minute flight into Las Vegas McCarran airport. The minute we stepped off of the flight, there was no mistake that we were in Vegas. With Slot Machines lining every corner of the airport and the multiple "Welcome To Vegas" signs, the aura that can only be uniquely attributed to Vegas was palpable in the air.

We claimed our luggage from baggage claim with ease and caught an Uber to our hotel.

Uber hooked it up, with a Cadillac Escalade that arrived within a minute of requesting it. Our driver was funny and engaging and really put in the extra effort to make sure we had an enjoyable start to our trip!

Once we arrived at the Palazzo and checked in, we made our way to our suite on the 17th Floor. One of the luxuries of staying at the Palazzo is that every room is a suite.

Our spacious suite had a gorgeous view of the Spring mountains and the McCarron airport runways, allowing us to watch the planes take off and land. The suite came with a separate living and dining area, a bathroom  with a vanity area, separate toilet room, a shower and bathtub, along with a double sink with massive counter space. Perfect for the three of us.

Since we ended up having a very late dinner the first night, we decided to stay in the hotel and eat at the Grand Lux Cafe. We arrived a little after 11 and were absolutely starving. The experience...left a lot to be desired. The food was good, but the service was absolutely horrendous. We really had to work to get our waiter's attention. While my food arrived in a reasonable amount of time, my friends not only had to wait an additional 40 minutes to get their food, they ended up needing to send it back because our waitress got their order wrong. I understand having off days at work, but it was clear she just did not want to be there. 

We weren't the only ones having issues with our waitress, another customer who also had issues with receiving their order ended up walking into the kitchen more than once to complain.  Originally we thought he was just being an ass, but as our experience went on, we realized that he might have known the key to getting better service.

Three HOURS later, our experience at the Grand Lux Cafe was finally concluded. We were annoyed, exhausted, but full.

Once we got back to the room, it was time to change and head to sleep. The Palazzo has the most comfortable beds, the perfect combination of a plush and firm mattress paired with crisp white sheets. I blissfully fell asleep with the slot machines from the airport ringing in my head.

This is the end of Day One, but the Day Two blog will be out shortly!

Can you guess where we chose to eat for dinner? Here's a hint: This chef is well known for his..."passionate" temperament in the kitchen.

Until next time Luxury Babes!


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