Soul Travel Chronicles Vol. 8.2 - Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Soul Travel Chronicles Vol. 8.2 - Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Hello SoulLux Babes,

I'm back with more about Vegas!

We slept in late the next morning after our late night dinner adventure. The day itself (for me) was spent working on exciting upcoming Soul Impactful trips and product launches (more on that later!)

Dinner, however, was the real highlight of Day two!

Some of you might have guessed it from a hint on the last Vegas blog. 

We are at Hell's Kitchen right outside of Caesar's palace! Lucky for me, reservations were created months in advance to make sure we'd be able to eat there during our trip. 

Ladies, it was worth EVERY penny.

The food was absolutely delicious. My friends opted for their signature HK Signature Prix Fixe ($89.99 + tax) , a three course meal, which included your choice of appetizers of either Pan Seared Scallops or Heirloom Tomato Burrata Salad. Followed by the main course of Beef Wellington, and a sticky toffee pudding cake with vanilla ice cream. 

I chose their delightful Cesar Salad (28.98 + tax), it came with parmesan cheese frico, garlic croutons, lemon zest with chilled shrimp. Overall a great choice, the fried Parmesan on top was a nice touch and was an interesting edition to the overall palette.  

For dessert, we all received the sticky toffee pudding cake with ice cream. Although it was included with their meal, the restaurant was generous and brought it to all of us because we were celebrating our birthdays. It was absolutely delicious and will become a Vegas must the next time that I'm in town.

In addition to their great food, I decided to indulge in their "Meet Your Maker" cocktail (18.95 + tax). It was very appropriately named. The drink was incredibly strong and included Maker's Mark Bourbon, Domaine de Canton, mint, apple, strawberry, cinnamon. I'd like to take a moment to thank whoever made my drink because they were very generous with their pour!

As a whole, Hell's Kitchen ranks $$$ on the Soul Luxe scale, but it was worth it.

The atmosphere and the staff were excellent and worked together as a well oiled luxury machine. Which, if you're a fan of Gordon Ramsey, is not a surprise.

A note to wise so that I can avoid a 40 minute wait and wonder...just take a taxi back to your hotel. The Lyft/Uber situation is not all that great.


All's Well That Ends Well! 

Until Next Time Babes,


P.S. I want to hear from you, tell me your must visit restaurants in Vegas below in the comments!

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