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The Moon of Encouragement Necklace

The Moon of Encouragement Necklace

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The Moon of Encouragement Necklace

Easily Tap Into Your Magic



The energy of this necklace helps to increase self-confidence, confidence in one's ability to achieve goals, and improves communication with others. You can use this piece during manifestation or meditation sessions to help bring about positive change in your life. This is also great for those going through a transformation in their life.

Meaningful symbol of intuition and empowerment

Hand Carved abalone shell and wrapped gold plated sterling silver wire.

Great to use for manifestation and during meditation sessions.

The perfect gift for those going through a transformation period in their life.

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The Moon of Encouragement Necklace

Hand Made and Tarnished Free Metal Gives This Beautiful Necklace a Lasting Staying Power.

Each The Moon of Encouragement Necklace is hand-carved from a sustainably sourced abalone shell that has been wrapped in gold plated wire. 

It's a perfect gift for those going through a transformation period in their life. These necklaces are great for manifestation, as they can be worn to help you feel supported and inspired.

The Moon of Encouragement Necklace

Great for Meditation and Manifestation Sessions!

The Moon of Encouragement Necklace is a great tool to use during meditation sessions. It helps you to feel more relaxed and connected with yourself, giving you a feeling of safety and support. The vibrations are subtle but powerful, reminding us that we are surrounded by compassionate beings who want nothing other than the best for us — including our own happiness.

In addition to its benefits for manifestation and meditation, this necklace can be used for personal growth as well as spiritual development. Because it helps you become aware of what matters most in your life, it helps you make choices that support your highest good rather than those based on fear or low self-esteem. This means that when we wear The Moon Of Encouragement Necklace on a regular basis, we're widening our awareness about how we really want our lives to look — so when opportunities arise that align with these goals (as they often do), they jump out at us because they're exactly what we've been working toward all along!

Wearing this necklace will also inspire self-love within ourselves; after all...who else knows us better than ourselves?

The Moon of Encouragement Necklace

Perfect For Those Going Through a Period of Transformation

The moon is a symbol of intuition and empowerment. It represents the subconscious mind, the feminine energy, and fullness of life. As the moon waxes and wanes, it brings about change in our lives—change that can be terrifying or exciting but always transformative. The waxing crescent (new) moon represents birth; the first quarter is growth; fullness at third quarter; waning at gibbous stage; darkening toward disappearance at last quarter before reappearing new again.

This necklace makes for the perfect gift for those going through a transformation period in their life like graduating from college or changing careers or simply moving into a new home after marriage.

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Abalone Shell, 20in Gold Plated Sterling Silver Chain

Package Size

5 x 3 x 5 cm

Package Includes

1x Moon of Encouragement Necklace + Gift with Purchase


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