How To Set Intentions With Your New Jewelry or Crystal Kit

How To Activate and Set Intentions With Your New Crystal

Find a quiet and comfortable place in your home that will serve as your sacred space.

Get into a clear, light, and relaxed state of body and mind by taking several deep breaths.

You can play soft meditation music while doing this so that you can easily enter a relaxed and meditative state.

Write your intention down on a piece of paper that you can refer to anytime.

You can write any desire or intention, like ‘I will work together with this crystal to achieve peace and relaxation even during the most stressful days’, or ‘I will work with this crystal to stay motivated and remain focused on my goals’.

Use your senses to visualize yourself turning this intention into reality.


Take a deep breath when you’re all done, and don’t forget to say a heartfelt thank you!