Revitalizing Chakra Pendant Necklace Set

  • $50.00

The Revitalizing Chakra Pendant Necklace Set contains Brown Goldstone, a stone that helps the wearer to attain their goal with less effort. It makes the person calm and gives them strength so that they may stabilize their emotions.

This stone is also considered as a protection stone that acts as the power creator and removes all the negative powers and energies that are unwanted.

Brown Goldstone Chakra Pendant Necklace Set comes with:

1x Brown Goldstone Chakra Pendant on a 20" .925 Necklace Chain

1x Mystery Stone (Citrine, Rose Quartz, Black Jasper, Peacock Pyrite, Blue Apatite, or Tiger's Eye)

Brown Goldstone:

Goldstone is used for Physical Vitality, Energy work and Charging other Minerals and Stones. The copper brown color of this stone Connects to the Sacral Chakra, which represents the womb. This stone is also used to remove Heavy Emotions, Balances the Mental pressure, brings Creativity and can help with Manifestation.

Goldstone exhibits Positive Energy and Revitalizes the Energy. It also Protects the Body and stimulates on Physical and Mental level.