Embrace The Calm Pendant Necklace

  • $40.00

Embrace the calm and carry it with you. This beautiful pendant is made from raw amethyst druzy crystals - no dye, no treatment to the stone - electroplated in silver and gold metal. Every piece is unique, with slight variations in shape, crystal structure and size. When you pick up this piece you're getting your own special, unique pendant unlike any other in the world with its own charm and personality.

Embrace The Calm is an inspirational necklace that reflects the many facets of being grounded, confident and open to love. Wear it as a reminder when you’re facing challenging moments, express yourself for those around you who may be going through difficult times or show your strength when things get tough!

The Embrace The Calm Pendant Necklace includes:

1x Amethyst Pendant Druzy Pendant on a 20"  .925 Sterling Silver Necklace Chain