Awakening Chakra Necklace Set

  • $50.00

The Awakening Chakra Necklace Set is a powerful set that promotes mental and emotional fitness. This set combines Howlite Turquoise, which is a calming stone that helps to eliminate rage, pain and stress, with of six mystery stones: Citrine, Rose Quartz, Black Jasper, Peacock Pyrite, Blue Apatite or Tiger's Eye.

The beautiful necklace have been carefully curated and ethically sourced. Wearing your Awakening Chakra Necklace will help you stay calm and productive, while helping you balance your emotions as well.


The Awakening Chakra Necklace Set comes with:

1x Howlite Turquoise Pendant on a 18" .925 Sterling Silver Necklace Chain

1x Mystery Stone (Citrine, Rose Quartz, Black Jasper, Peacock Pyrite, Blue Apatite, or Tiger's Eye)

 1x Welcome Guide to show you how to use your set for maximum efficiency.